Bringing Criminals to Justice

  • Held 1000’s of criminals responsible for their crimes.
  • Aggressively prosecuted violent offenders and handed out significant prison sentences for dangerous criminals.
  • Maintained a 90+% conviction rate in Child Abuse Cases.
  • Established a Death Penalty Review Board to evaluate appropriate cases for the death penalty.
  • Started the “Denton County Most Wanted Billboard Campaign” to obtain information on the whereabouts of violent offenders.

Supporting Alternative Criminal Justice Programs

  • Specialized Treatment Court Programs. Partnered with the Denton County Courts and the Denton County Probation Department to develop Specialized Treatment Court Programs designed to enhance public safety through rehabilitation and recovery. These new programs include the:

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Veterans Treatment Court Program (VTCP)

An intensive program designed to treat veterans suffering from combat related mental conditions that have contributed to a charged criminal offense.

First Offender Drug Program (FODP)

This program is designed to divert low risk first-time drug offenders to a court supervised program that will increase sobriety among drug offenders and reduce the costs to our community.

Denton County Drug Court

This program provides intensive supervision and treatment to high-risk felony offenders that abuse drugs but show a genuine desire to break the cycle of addiction. The ultimate goal is to give participants the necessary foundation to maintain their recovery and reintegrate into their families and communities.

Mental Health Treatment Court (MHTC)

The program diverts offenders suffering from a legitimate mental illness out of the traditional criminal justice process and into appropriate rehabilitation alternatives, focusing on treatment, stability, and accountability.

Fair and Just Prosecutions

  • Brady Compliance Committee. All prosecutors have a legal and ethical duty to disclose favorable evidence to the defense in a criminal case. Paul created the Brady Compliance Committee to ensure that favorable evidence is quickly identified and provided to the defense.
  • Mentor Program. Started a Felony – Misdemeanor Prosecutor Mentor Program where experienced felony prosecutors provide guidance, training, and courtroom instruction to new misdemeanor attorneys. The program ensures misdemeanor prosecutors gain valuable experience and exposure to various courtroom situations as they progress through the office.

Stay Connected to the Community

  • High School Intern Program. Partnered with the Denton Independent School District and the Lewisville Independent School District to develop a criminal justice intern program which provides high school students with a valuable hands-on work experience in the District Attorney’s Office.
  • Improved Social Media. Committed to government transparency by staying connected with the public through website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Safeguarding Your Tax Dollars

  • Since taking office in 2007, declined the county car allowance saving taxpayers $64,560.00.
  • Collected over $21,383,284.02 in fines from criminal defendants.
  • Recovered $1,978,895.00 from assets seized from criminals and forfeited to the state.
  • Increased collections in bond forfeitures to $6,609,433.08.
  • Collected more than $4,934,441.00 from hot check writers in fees for Denton County and local merchants.

Working with Police and Crime Victims

  • Family Violence Task Force. Developed the Domestic Violence High Risk Team (DVHRT) where prosecutors from the DA’s office work with Denton PD and Friends of the Family to identify high risk Family Violence cases.  The focus of the team is to offer family violence victims a way out of potentially dangerous situations by providing them with needed resources, such as protective orders, safety plans, counseling, and shelter.
  • Law Enforcement Training. Provides regular training for Denton County law enforcement agencies, including: new officer and investigator training, legislative updates, and specialized prosecution training in the areas of DWI investigations, Assault Family Violence, and Crimes Against Children.
  • Liaison Program. Developed a liaison program with local law enforcement to allow police officers to work inside the DA’s office and have direct contact with prosecutors about their department’s cases.
  • Victim Support. Provides financial support to Denton County victims’ advocacy groups by donating 1000’s of dollars to the Denton County Children’s Advocacy Center, Friends of the Family, and CASA from assets seized from criminals.