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From Your Criminal District Attorney Paul Johnson,


When I was elected District Attorney 12 years ago, I promised to work hard bringing criminals to justice, to be an advocate for victims and to safeguard your tax dollars. My record shows that is exactly what I’ve done, but there is even more to do.

My first priority will always be to help keep the community safe by standing up for victims in court and ensuring that violent offenders are held accountable for their crimes.

With over 25 years experience as a prosecutor, I also understand that justice sometimes requires providing a first-time drug offender, a deserving Veteran, or an individual with a significant mental health issue a chance at rehabilitation and recovery.

My office door is open to the citizens of Denton County, and I am committed to transparency and staying connected to the community through social media.

I am proud of the staff who serve in the Denton County District Attorney’s office. They exhibit a high level of integrity, dedication and passion to pursue justice and make Denton County a safer, better place to live.

I ask for your continued support, and your vote in the March 6, 2018 Republican Primary Election.


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Campaign Kickoff a Huge Success!

Thank you to all my supporters – Thursday night’s Campaign Kickoff was just amazing – and we are just getting started! We had a great turnout, and I was honored and humbled by all the words of encouragement, not to mention the donations. It was great to see so many of my fellow Elected Officials, law enforcement officers, and members of our community partners. What was even more encouraging was to get to meet so many new supporters. We had citizens that came out because they had been personally impacted by the work we do at the DA’s office. They wanted to make sure we felt their appreciation and support going forward. I could not have asked for a better kick-off. I can assure you all, I do not take it for granted, and no one will work harder than me to continue serving you.

Thank you! Let’s keep it rolling!

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